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Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses

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"Learning to converse well with the world can begin by listening carefully to the messages sent ceaselessly by our bodies and by the other forms of life that share this planet."
ecologist Joseph Meeker 

Harmony means congruity or agreement in feelings, actions, ideas and interests. As a result of learning to invite agreement between yourself and a horse at liberty (no equipment), you achieve an awareness of what harmony feels like for yourself. During Harmony Sessions, I encourage you to notice what constitutes well-being for you, then to allow this to be a primary set-point from which all choices are made while you are with the horse, which leads to inspired action.

Millions of people are intuitively drawn to horses because horses are beautiful, magnetic, living in the moment, playful and joyous for no other reason than it feels good to them. The horse instinctually gravitates towards a state of well-being, which means the horse will be drawn to you if you establish a strong state of congruity within. This is a very powerful and organic form of leadership, one that is developed from the inside out. Harmony with Horses reminds you that harmony is your natural state of being and creating is your favorite thing to do!


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