Programs with Horses

Programs with Horses

Equine Expansion Coachâ„¢, Christine Cole, works in cooperation with the powerful perspective of horses, sharing what she calls Spacious Intimacy, a blending of inner calm and inspired action which results in a natural form of leadership. Coaching in partnership with horses, Christine will remind you of the innate magnetism of this kind of leadership, replacing the self-defeating state of separateness and effort with the highly effective state of alignment and joy. Joining Christine and the horses in this way, you will experience a heightened awareness of the abundant choices available at all times in any given circumstance and a deepened appreciation for the central role you play in your own life.

Spacious Intimacy, Coaching in partnership with horses

I’m always looking for ways to help market my fun, easy and life-changing working services with horses. Thumbtack is a good way for me to help me show off my expertise in providing workshops, sessions, consultations and programs with horses. Check out my listing to learn even more about what I do!

Fee: $150/hour*

*Therapist program is offered at no charge for any organized group that is licensed to provide therapy. Please contact Christine for details.

Harmony with Horses Introductory Workshop
A 3-hour workshop introducing you to the harmonious language and rhythms of horses. Discover a pathway to harmony with yourself through demonstration, group exercises and individual hands-on guidance.

Inspiring Clarity 3-Day Workshop
Groups of four to eight participants stay in our beautiful Retreat Home on the premises while participating in a three-day Harmony with Horses Intensive!

Resonance Intentional Leadership Experience
Groups of four to eight participants are immersed in a unique approach to personal alignment with far-reaching impact on your business and personal life.

Shared Harmony Sessions
Two (or three) people share the experience of maintaining alignment with intention by playing with the horses on the ground and riding.

Private Harmony Sessions
Work one-on-one with the horses and Christine at Full House Farm or with your own horse at your place.

Telephone Consultation
You can converse with Christine on the telephone to gain insights on how to establish clarity and focus on any subject.

Therapist Workshops
These FREE Workshops are designed to introduce licensed therapists to the concepts and exercises offered in the Harmony with Horses Programs. This is a one-time offer limited to six therapist who have not participated in any Harmony Programs

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