Full House Farm
Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses
"It was from them that I first learned of the intelligence that lurks in nonhuman nature, the ability that an alien form of sentience has to echo one's own, to instill a reverberation in oneself that temporarily shatters habitual ways of seeing and feeling, leaving one open to a world all alive, awake, and aware."

David Abram,
The Spell of the Sensuous
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sheep&turkeysDear All,

Now that you are on my subscription list (thank you), here is the second "walk" we can take together. Be sure to check the links to archives if you missed any previous newsletters.

Animal Garden and Plant Sanctuary

I believe this has been one of the longest Springs I have experienced since moving here to Sonoma County in 1994. I have viewed leafing-out, wild paradise (ewes with lambs, wild turkeys, blossoming apple and pear trees) from my office window for months now! I have also had in inordinate amount of time to get my garden going, which has been a luxury since my attention rotates among many activities.

I planted corn in peat pots this year, so I would be able to simply put the corn into the ground and not have to do any thinning. I hate thinning! Just when the little seed has spread out its roots and the sprout is taking hold, YANK! (I've tried not thinning, too, resulting in non-productive, under-nourished small plants.) Peat pots were my solution. The only problem was I insisted on a specific kind of corn patch; one with gopher wire so I would not have to prop up tilting stalks and fill in holes that funnel off water on a daily basis. Last year I could have bought the whole of Sebastopol bushels of organic corn for the number of hours I put into tending my corn on hands and knees.

plantinhand I had the image of this special corn patch in my head, and while it was still in the process of materializing the corn sprouts in the peat pots grew. I also planned on putting string beans in with the corn, so those sprouts began to leaf out and grow tall in their little four inch pots. I ended up creating a corn patch in the garden up by the Vacation Rental, something I had not originally planned to do, just to get about half those peat pots in the ground in a timely manner at least. I also put half the string bean crop in one of the gopher-proof boxes at the VR, too.

Now, the new patch is in place and I have planted the corn. The interesting thing is the corn that went in two weeks earlier up at the Vacation Rental is twice the size as the corn I just planted in my new gopher-proof patch down here at my own house. Same planting, same batch of seeds, but the second planting is stunted! Additionally, the beans in the VR garden are lush, leafy, mulit-stemmed and covered with blossoms ready to produce beans. The remaining beans that still await liberation from their 4-inch pots are spindly, single-stemmed, pale yellow and desperately making blossoms anyway.

To old-time gardeners, this is no revelation. To me, however, it is just another metaphor for the varying containers of life. For the beans, the 4-inch pot that afforded them a place to sprout is just not enough anymore. The 4 X 10 box is just fine, though, and most likely will be fine until they have exhausted their seasonal life. In the 4-inch pot the beans cannot thrive. They are safe, watered, actually have plenty of everything, but they cannot flourish for whatever reason. The same is true with the corn. The peat pot was fine to start and it became a prison at some point.

How does this same dynamic affect our families, our animals, or even our own self? When does the safety and well-being provided by a container transition from just right or expansive to hindering and restrictive? Dooldcowboy we pay attention to this for our domestic animals, and for the wild life that surrounds us? How about for our children or our own self? Beyond that which defines our life right now lies endless possibilities, the choosing of which can be done in any moment and it is strictly personal. Our choices allow us to either leaf out or not.

I have been leafing out for nearly half a century. Every container I have had has been self-imposed, albeit often a belief I developed from listening to others define what was right and wrong. One by one, though, I have discovered the walls dissolve just like the peat pot, and my roots have expanded out to places that at first I can only imagine. And with that I invite others to join me!


Story Time

As most of you know, I have spent a life-time with horses. Some years ago, when I first decided I was through with conventional methods of being with horses, I began working with Lyric who had only known domination. She was born with me, raised by me and trained by me. As I struck out into this new territory born of the desire to press pass the walls of my current container, I chose to work with Carolyn Resnick (author of Naked Liberty.) Early on in her coaching, she assigned me an exercise of traveling from one bucket of grain to the next while Lyric was at liberty. If the horse is at liberty it is without equipment. I was to walk with her from bucket to bucket. Lyric did not understand this idea in relationship with humans and did not expect me to converse with her. She was waiting for me to tell her what to do, but since I did not have any equipment on her she figured it was a free for all. We went to the first bucket and I was able to tell her that it was time to leave that bucket, but I was unable to convey that I had the idea to go to the next bucket. So, she began to wander off. In an instant, one of my hands flew up to grab her mane in order to force her to go my way. When I observed this behavior in myself, I realized how deeply ingrained forceful behavior was and it was in that moment that I made the commitment to shift. It was in that moment that the container I had lived in suddenly could no longer offer me enough sustenance.

When we allow ourselves to imagine, to consider new ideas, to feel the discomfort of old ideas as they mature and wear out, then we dream on the cutting edge. Take it one step at a time and play your dreams into reality!


Playground Activity and Calendar Events

July is a busy month, so be sure to check out the calendar. You can consider joining me for the July 7th Harmony with Horses Workshop. No workshop is ever the same, and besides you are the Band Leader of the experience. All you have to do is keep a segment of your life in mind while we play with the horses and, VOILA, new ideas will come rushing at you. If it is the whole kit and caboodle you are after, I can recommend the Resonance Experience on July 10-14. The combination of Janice Drescher's Vibrational Awareness Coaching and my "no-holds-barred" play with horses is dynamite! Besides, you get to meet people from all over the world when you come to these events. How fun is that?! Or, if it is rolling hills and wild horses you hanker after, join me and others of like-mind for the upcoming Wild Horse Experience at Return to Freedom.


Speaking of Dreams...

Check out the next installment of the Elephant Journals!!

Also, if it is your dream to come stay here we have a LAST MINUTE SPECIAL on the Vacation Rental. Book June 24 & 25 and we will pay the $100.00 cleaning fee!!! While you are here you can take a Farm Life Tour, which is included in your stay as are the organic farm-fresh eggs from our own hens and organic locally baked bread we provide!


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