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Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses

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"The intimacy you will experience, when you break through the illusion that you are anything but whole and beautiful, is well worth it."

Jett Psaris and Marlena Lyons


Programs with Horses

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Inspiring Clarity 3-Day Workshop

Inspiring Clarity 3-Day Workshop

with Christine Cole

Inspiring Clarity 3-Day Workshop: A three-day immersion experience for 4-10 participants (ages 16-adult), inviting you to explore the deeper levels of connection available to all beings. Horses, like flocks of birds and schools of fish, move together on a vibrational level. Yet, they move slowly enough for humans to join the dance. By tapping into this “never-ending-dance”, you can learn to play again, rediscover life really is fun and realize you can have what you want. Join Christine and the horses for a journey from what you know to what you can imagine!




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