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Russian River Travel: Your guide to the best of the Russian River. Real Wine Country; Real Beauty; Real relaxation. A destination unique in the world!
The Russian River Valley – a mixture of farms, vineyards and villages. Restful, warm and inviting, this special place in the world beckons those who appreciate fine wine to its quiet country roads, boutique shopping and of course, its world-class wineries. Blessed with unbeatable scenery and a lifestyle built around wine, food, and life out of doors, our valley is only 55 miles north of San Francisco. It is an enchanted place apart, where farmers and artists compare notes in the coffee shops while winemakers and chefs discuss the weather and the guy in the corner works on his novel.
Discover Sonoma County! Take some time to relax and have fun. The Sonoma County Regional Parks Department provides outstanding recreational opportunities. Fishing, camping, swimming, picnicking, trails for horseback ridgin, hiking or bicycling, quiet coves, sandy beaches, inspiring views, redwood groves, meadows dotted with oaks, sports fields; we’ve got it all!
Located approximately 50 miles north of San Francisco, Sonoma County – home of giant redwoods – offers a great variety of Federal, State and local parks. The climate is mild throughout the year; the coastal area tends to be cool; the interior is mild in winter and can be hot on summer days. Nights and evenings are generally cool.
Sonoma County, considered the Provence of California, provides visitors with an abundance of fresh foods, premium wines, and breathtaking scenery just one hour north of San Francisco. The diversity of the countryside provides activities to all ages… fishing, whale watching, hot air ballooning, cycling, golf, canoeing, antique hunting, or shopping our art trails. Whatever your pleasure, you will find it here. Our wines, scenery, recreational activities, and hospitality make the Sonoma County Wine Country the United States’ premier destination.

Osmosis, begin a journey to tranquility and renewal. One of the top ten day spas in the US.
Rest and rejuvenate in the healing waters at Mermaids Spa. Be immersed in timeless elements of the Earth and Sea.
New Dawn Day Spa, A relaxing atmosphere and beneficial treatments to calm the mind and heal the body.

Farms and Gardens:
Sonoma County Farm Trails invites you to explore Sonoma County just like visitors and locals have been doing for 30 years. You can also pick up or request a free Farm Trails map & guide to be sent to you. Fruits and vegetables are available directly from the farmer. Experience life on the farm with sheep, llamas, honey bees, butterflies and birds! Seasonal adventures include summertime berry picking, apple farms, pumpkins and gourds in the fall, Christmas trees in winter and baby animals and fields of flowers in the spring! Enjoy delightful wineries, breweries and cheese factories year-round. When you buy on the farm, you get more than just groceries, you get an experience to last a lifetime.
Kozlowski Farms® is one of the oldest family owned and operated farms in Sonoma County, California. Established in 1949, Carmen and Tony Kozlowski began their journey into creating the finest homemade jams, jellies and bakery treats in Carmen’s home kitchen. The family invites you to visit their retail store and extensive tasting bar. They know you will enjoy the products they have created for you.
For over 30 years, Redwood Hill Farm has been committed to producing the best tasting and least processed goat milk products available anywhere. As a family farm in Sonoma County, we utilize a natural approach to animal husbandry to hand craft award -winning goat milk cheese and delicious goat milk yogurt. Call for a tour!
Gourmet Honey and Lavender Products
Lavender Bee Farm is an award-winning producer of Sonoma County, California gourmet honey and organic lavender products including culinary lavender, dried lavender, lavender hydrosols and lavender sachets.

Harmony Links  or
Nationally known for her original training methods, her understanding of natural herd behavior, and the remarkable connection that she shares with all horses, Carolyn Resnick’s career and studies have spanned over 40 years as a trainer, Arabian breeder, clinician and student of wild horse behavior.
Cavalia is an enchanting, thought-provoking production reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil, but with horses as the centerpiece. Cavalia tells a story about our irrefutable connection to each other, and the joy of intimacy proffered by life in every moment. Cavalia is a dream, a whimsy, a feast for the senses with music and dancing, acrobats and beautiful horses. It is igniting a spark in audiences across the Northern Continent in consistently sold-out and extended shows. More than a circus, more than a show, Cavalia, is a reminder of how huge life is as it rears all around us and how magnificent it is at liberty.
Return to Freedom is home to The American Wild Horse Sanctuary, a non-profit animal sanctuary and educational retreat. We provide a safe haven for animals and offer educational programs that are based on direct contact and sensitive observation of the natural world. Learning from these proud animals assists to awaken our instinctive intelligence. From that place comes the inspiration for new solutions based on a more compassionate understanding of ourselves and the world around us.
Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker who dialogs with a group of spiritual teachers who call themselves Abraham. The Abraham teachings affirm our well-being and help us to recognize the power of joy in achieving all that is desired in life.Jerry and Esther Hicks travel to over forty US cities each year, offering workshops where participants direct their questions to Abraham.
For 30 years, I have had the privilege of guiding others on such journeys through some of the Earth’s great tapestries of landscape and light. A journey into nature, dedicated to personal inquiry is a unique and rare undertaking in the rush of modern living. Its origins date back to traditional wisdom, which encouraged and enabled others to set aside time for deep introspection, clarification, and spiritual renewal in a natural setting. It is a way of adventure, solitude, beauty, and communion; a path that can reveal to us what we most value.
Stephanie Marohn, author of seven books on natural medicine, is an animal shaman and director of the Animal Messenger Sanctuary, a farm animal haven and wildlife preserve. She applies her knowledge of natural medicine to the care of the animals in her life as part of a holistic model of interaction, to in all ways “Do no harm.” She is currently writing a nonfiction book about her experiences with animals and a novel about animals at the pivotal mystical events throughout history. Stephanie also runs Angel Editing, specializing in editing nonfiction books, and the Wonderlamb Shoppe, offering organic wool comforters made with wool from sheep who live on the sanctuary. Their wool itself transmits healing, loving energy.
Lea Goode-Harris, Ph.D. is the founder of the Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation and the artist creator of the Santa Rosa Labyrinth, the Snoopy Labyrinth at the Charles M. Schulz Museum, as well as other designs. She has an expressive art studio and a Labyrinth Design Team with business partner Mary Luttrell.
Naomi Rose is a writer and Book Developer who works with people wanting to write the books that reside in their hearts, from the inside out. Using the deep listening, encouragement, and an awareness of how the pieces seek the whole, she helps her clients believe in themselves, their unique creative process, and the beauty of their being as well as their writing. Through this process, a wonderful book ultimately emerges, which transforms its readers as much as it did the writer. With over 30 years in the publications field, Naomi also helps writers through the publication process, including editing, formatting, and other aspects. Her own most recent book is The Portable Blessings Ledger: A Way to Keep Track of Your Finances and Bring Meaning and Heart to Your Dealings with Money, which is available through her website.
Unbridling Your Brilliance offers highly powerful self-development Retreats and individual Coaching Programs just outside of Vancouver, BC. We offer Women’s Retreats, Corporate Retreats and also Adventure & Spiritual Retreats through our unique horse facilitated learning programs. Linda-Ann Bowling is a Master Coach, certified in both Business Coaching and Personal Coaching. She specializes in Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Corporate or Team Building Workshops and Personal Coaching with Horses. She works with small business owners, corporate business, leaders, teams, individuals and people from all walks of life.