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Full House Farm: Harmony With Horses

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"The lasting revolution comes from deep change in ourselves."
Anais Nin
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Annual Letter 2012

This Annual Letter is formatted as a year of journal snippets for you. This has been a year of appreciation; the abundance of sustenance on all levels, the boundless beauty of my surroundings, and my love of all the critters here. I said good-bye to Missy in February. I immersed myself in farming, allowing the horses to simply frolic for the most part, although the Leadership Workshops (Harmony with Horses) I did give were intense and inspiring for me. Regardless of where I turn my attention, whether the dark earth where rotting stuff is good, the sky where light and movement explode, or within where the two are inextricably twined, I am never without at least one step visible, at least one thought prevalent, or the power of energy-in-motion apparent. Each of these bits of thought put into writing is part of a larger piece, but isn’t that true of all we do. My love to you all. Thank you for being a part of my larger piece.

~ Christine

Jan 9
I go to stand next to Indie, placing myself opposite the low-slung morning sun so he does not have to look into it. I feel all my scattered pieces of Self pulling in, gathering, rediscovering their intrinsic cohesiveness, as I breathe in his horsey scent. He wraps his neck around me and nibbles at my coat pocket. Then, he lowers his head to sniff my boots. I bend over so my head is next to his left ear and gently run my fingertips over the cheek bones on either side of his great Friesian head. He lifts his head just enough to place his velvety muzzle next to my own cheek so I can kiss it. We inhale and exhale together, for a moment. Then, I walk away fully satisfied, filled with love. I turn to look a good-bye to him and his ears swivel sharply in my direction, his eyes both sharp and soft at the same time.
Jan 13
From my desk I can see my son's black Dodge Avenger covered with a thick layer of frost. The sun is just now hitting the car and steam rises from its warming surface. Before my eyes, the frost gives up its hold on the rooftop of the car. Out in the pasture, though, it is still sunless and frosty. I let Missy out early today. I want her to be happy. Her tiny black frame is like a shadow on the grass. Eating grass is her favorite thing to do. She is thin as a rail now, though, losing more weight every day. It is like all her parts are giving up their hold on this earth. I wept as I considered my having to make the call to the vet. I weep now. I love Missy. I do not want her to leave. Over half a century of a life with horses and I do not get any better at this. I get worse. I cry harder.
Jan 30
Burnished sky, a metallic mixture of golden
sunlight reflecting off dawn’s lacey clouds
silhouetting the ridgeline of trees
like something out of an old western
Feb 11
It was the sound of 72 hooves pounding the ground as all 18 horses galloped down the valley towards me. I stood very still and they poured all around me, leaping and rearing, bucking and twirling. They never hit me or each other.


Feb 24
In my opinion, it is extremely important to never confine a horse to a space smaller than the one you are asking them to vacate. This will either cause injury to them or cause them to fight.
Mar 10
Suddenly, like a light turning on, the belly of the clouds lit up with a deep maroon behind the eucalyptus. It was like being at the theater when they blink the lights just before the show is to begin so everyone will take their seats. The color spread out across the eastern horizon, now behind the pines as well. As maroon shifted to crimson, a flock of pigeons burst from the top of a tall pine and flew towards the rising sun only to fall like black leaves onto the top of another pine. As they melted into the silhouette of the tree, three ducks emerged from the south with wings soundlessly whirring, their flight intent, our valley inconsequential. The line of flight curved gently as they flew past, like stars curving in the heavens.
Mar 18
As dawn approached, the moon faded into paler shades of blue and wild turkeys called to each other. Another sip of tea…
Mar 21
One primary component to Spacious Intimacy, which is essentially a sustainable intimacy, is what I call "open hugs". Whether holding someone physically, or in your thoughts or heart, the holding is still part of the dance.
June 29
Being a farmer, I participate with birth, life, and death knowing I, too, am a part of that cycle. I swing and sway with the movement of many, grateful for the wondrous newborn, inspired by the creativity of every individual, and awed by the infinite endings that lead to new births.


Oct 19
"If you get bucked off or kicked or bitten, you obviously did something wrong, and that's just too bad. The horse, on the other hand, is never, ever wrong". Ray Hunt 1929-2009

This is something I understand. It has taken me decades to understand--thank goodness horses are patient. Semantically speaking, I am not happy with the general definition of "wrong". However, if wrong means I did something that resulted in disharmony for myself and I have the power to change it, then I am fine with being wrong (for now) because I will be righter in a moment. :-)


Nov 30
…discovering where calm and peace reside within (I know that sounds phoofy, but it is paramount here) is actually a guide to greater creativity and joie de vivre!


Dec 9
We can only care for and nurture our "outside" world once we acknowledge, nurture and care for the universe within. Attention to this aspect of life is the foundation of sustainability.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in the New Year!













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