Sonoma County Seasons


Giant Cabbage

Spring Green, green and more green is what you see in Sonoma County in the spring. Throw in the rainbow of colors offered by wild flowers, budding landscapes, waving flags of many spring festivals and you have paradise. Soft, warm breezes blow in off the coast, only a 15-minute drive from Full House Farm. Animals graze peacefully on hillsides, including the horses, sheep, rabbits and endless wildlife on the slopes below you house. Art studios and antique malls fling open their doors. Restaurant patios promise divine dining overlooking newly dressed grape vines! The Russian River settles down enough to kayak and canoe to freshly revealed beaches along miles of winding, gentle currents. Bring layers of clothing, so you can dress for the occasional spring shower or bask in the sun.


Summer Apple Press

Bare feet, shorts, cotton shirts and picnics call to you during the summer in Sonoma County. Road trips to explore the back roads can lead to discoveries of spectacular views, quiet glens, small community hospitality and new friendships. Swim or inner-tube in the river, play in the surf, hike the open spaces, bike the Joe Rodota Trail or read a good book on the wisteria-covered patio at Full House Farm. If you want a new lease on life, learn about “the ways of the horse” with Christine in the valley just below your house. Your party, family reunion or gathering of friends can have a ton of fun wine tasting, festival hopping or souvenir shopping. Or… you can just stay put and have a BBQ!


After Harvest

Autumn leaves of orange, red and gold emerge in row after row of grape vines that line the Sonoma County hillsides. But not before you revel in the sweet harvest of the grapes! There are also apples, pears, peaches, and organic produce all grown locally. Full House Farm has them all! Then, too, just a one mile drive from your house is Bill’s Farm Basket where you can find all the tasty products of a county that bursts at the seams with delicious food. Grab a Farm Trails Guide and you are on your way to visiting any of the hundreds of farms that dot the region. Nights can be getting chilly, so bring a jacket. There might even be frost on the pumpkins!


Frozen pasture

Sonoma County winters get a ton of rain. That is what makes it such a beautiful place. Full House Farm fairs well, even in the heaviest rain. All the water just keeps on going. The creeks become full and there are waterfalls everywhere. Be sure to bring rain gear and boots so you can walk around. It is gorgeous! The coast at this time of year is spectacular. The air is crystal clear and the waves crash thunderously on the rugged coastline. There is no fog, but there is mist rising from the firs, oaks and laguna. The frogs are starting to come out, so at night you will probably hear them croaking raucously. Just outside your door by the patio is a little pond and waterfall where the frogs love to hang out. If you take a flashlight out at night and shine it in the pond (if they have been croaking) you will see dozens of happy frogs smiling back at you.