Our Philosophy

Playing with Horses: The Limitless Landscape of Imagination


By Christine Cole

It is no secret the horse is admired world-wide. I have spent my life researching and studying why this is so. In an endeavor to live my life from an inspired (moving towards what I want) standpoint rather than one of motivation (moving away from what I do not want), I honor the horse for patiently and wisely role-modeling the limitless landscape of imagination that does not depend upon circumstances to proffer joy. Below are some greatly distilled discoveries I have made over the years.

Horses desire companionship, play and pleasure above all else. Humans, too, thrive on relationships and spend every day interacting with others in search of happiness. These interactions can range from very brief, perceived as inconsequential, such as a nod from a stranger passing on the sidewalk to stunningly intimate, such as a great sense of oneness and well-being that floods all the senses.

We have the opportunity to express ourselves most eloquently and authentically through our bodies. The horse shares many similarities with us in how we communicate through the use of our bodies. The primary difference in our communication, the use of words aside, is in our awareness of personal intent which carries a vibrational sum or tone. Horses know their intent, do not second guess it and come from an open, receptive place where they consider all their choices when communicating. Humans rarely know their intent with utter clarity, frequently lose their focus and often believe their core motivation is tainted or “bad” thus resulting in mixed messages when communicating. It is common for people to feel their choices are limited in most circumstances, sometimes blind to the simplest solutions available through the use of imagination. Utilizing e-motion (energy in motion) and imagination we can continuously expand our experience of life.

My primary goal is to offer you a chance to interact with horses who inspires us by communicating impeccably, taking nothing personally, making no assumptions, and always moving towards well-being while staying completely present in their Now. While playing with horses, you will be given the opportunity to identify your desires, big and small, and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. This is an expansive experience that taps into the infinite possibilities available in every moment. You may begin to consider the possibility that all relationships are an invitation for creation, right down to the nod from the stranger. You can learn your intentions are always good and that the choice that is best for everyone always exists. Realizing this, your life can be more fulfilling and even while you enjoy incredible happiness in the moment you also know your dreams and visions are without fail unfolding before your feet. You will come to trust life. You will come to trust yourself!