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Writing is a passion of mine. My other passion, horses, melds with writing and coaching to address my core passion which is the “adventure of life” or more accurately, the pursuit of play. I write, horse-around, and coach because it is fun and it is my transportation to passionate play. Play as I use it here, means joy and the utter lack of resistance to being in the moment. It is the all-encompassing sensual experience that includes the ever-present current of our inextricable connection to life.

If I have a certain emotion elicited by an experience, I love to write about the experience in a very real and sensual way. As I proceed, I build the emotion to a fervent level within myself thus expanding my experience of that emotion and allowing it a place within. Writing transports what is “within” out and what is “out” back in. For me, it creates a sense of oneness, a dissolving of perceived separateness. I have a greater awareness of self than I previously had for having written a piece or, for that matter, having coached a session. The experience is the same when I coach.

Life is not a steady, hum-drum beat (at least for me), but rather a symphony complete with crescendo and berceuse (lullaby). The interesting thing is that I have begun to notice that every crescendo holds at its heart a berceuse and the berceuse waits for the crescendo. One is not whole without the other, nor is the imagination incited unless we hear life’s myriad tones combined.

Expansion Coach,
Christine Cole
Daily journals about life with horses, the lessons they teach about community, integrity and harmonious living.

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The Sea Of Life

Living in Sebastopol, California, I am fortunate to be only minutes from the ocean, a powerful source for inspiration and a much-needed reminder of life’s natural rhythms. Life offers many such reminders, some taking a more active role perhaps. I have found horses to be incredible teachers for me.


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